The activity that must not be named

Moira is participating in an activity right now in which I am not involved. This is the second time in two days. I’m being purposefully vague here because I don’t want to piss off the Universe and ruin everything but let’s just say it would be really great if this was habit forming and not because (as I suspect) she is coming down with some horrible disease, cure like a cold. Yesterday during this activity I managed to hang the Christmas lights on the balcony, look clean the kitchen and put the much-needed windshield wiper fluid in the car among other domestic tasks. It almost looked livable in here. Today I’m not feeling so great myself (had a migraine on the weekend and I think I am still recuperating) so I managed to lay down for a while but the cries of the caramel corn in the kitchen were becoming too loud and so here I am.

(Right as I hit the return key on that paragraph she woke up. Obviously I wasn’t being vague enough. I had more to say but will have to save it for later, right now I have to go have a fight with the Universe.)

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