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This shouldn’t be shocking news – but it kind of is. Imagine letting your employees stay home for a day? That is almost as shocking as not bringing out the Christmas decorations before Halloween (which is what many places do in Canada since we don’t have a big holiday like Thanksgiving in November). I worked Christmas Day once at Sbux. I volunteered to work but I found it a little sad. It was sad how many people were in the store but not as sad as the nice old guy who came up to us and said “It is so great that you guys are open for those of us who have no where to go.” Cry! I liked that old guy, side effects he frequented the independent coffee shop next door and often sat outside so I would wave to him as I went into work. I still see him all the time and wave.

I spent a good portion of my day updating my blog design. I’m quite pleased with myself. I also ate copious amounts of Indian take-away and I think I have gone up a whole size (at least belly-wise) since yesterday (this was before the Indian food). We also hung out with our friend Jeremy and walked up the hill to the art college show and sale. Then the Mister and I watched the grossest X Files episode yet (not creepy – just gross). There was a lot of pus involved. So even though it isn’t a holiday here in Canada I would just like to thank the Americans for making such a big deal out of Thanksgiving because it meant the Mister had the day off and everyone in my company was AWOL. I suspect tomorrow will be pretty quiet too. Yay!

Oh, and I have a job interview on Sunday for a natural food store. Retail, here I go again.

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