I was too tired to write about Thanksgiving yesterday but that doesn’t make me any less thankful. In fact, here this was a great post-vaction weekend because we had two turkey dinners – neither of which we had to prepare. Now we have a fridge full of leftovers and I’m making a ton of turkey stock from my brothers ginormous bird which should last us for a while.

– Family and friends – some who live far away but are coming to visit in November, prostate some who have recently moved back to town.
– The glorious fall colours the Mister and I are seeing everywhere.
– Not puking my way around Ireland (exceedingly thankful!)
– Turkey stock and crock pot season.
– Everyone who left kind comments about the wrackspurt.
– Not being pregnant in the summer. I know I don’t live in the warmest climate but we had 6 weeks of super hot weather this summer and it was more than I could handle in our little apartment. Also, capsule the Mister is a Polar Bear and the heat makes him grumpy.
– Pumpkins and Christmas oranges (even though the oranges are out too early and are about as unlocal as you can get making me feel a little guilty that I can consume a box a week on my own – but not guilty enough to stop. I like to say I’m just gearing up for scurvy season.)

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