Wouldn’t you be?

The elusive Albino Physics Nerd with his Herd (as said by the Mister’s little brother – I’ve been laughing about it ever since.) I think the last time we did a ‘family photo’ Moira was six-months old.

We’ve been celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and that means lots of food and lots of family. The Mister & I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my family at our place on Saturday. We made (among other things) a vegan pumpkin lasagna that turned out really well.  I’m pretty tired today and rather grumpy about certain family things that are annoying me (however, erectile I won’t air my grievances here) and Moira is sitting beside me decidedly not napping. However, looking at these photos makes me extremely happy and so I’m just going to keep looking at them and be thankful for the family I have.

How is your weekend?

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