*Tap, tap tap* Is this thing on?

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Well hello there. What’s new?

Today I found myself arguing with a four-year old over the way she holds scissors and why couldn’t she have learned to hold them properly at preschool this year. All of a sudden I could hear my father’s voice coming out of me and I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that while I may be many things, a teacher I am not. I did not, however, call her stupid so we can all be thankful for that.

This may seem like an odd thing to write about since I haven’t written a blog post in a really long time but… that’s all I’ve got. I’ve spent most of this evening reading about stain removal for laundry and creating a list of things I should buy for my laundry room if I ever hope for my family to have clothing that I am not embarrassed for them to wear. Did it really take me hours to read about stain removal? No. But, as always, reading about one thing leads to another and that is the way it is with the internet.

So, how was my ‘internet sabbatical’ you may ask? Not that interesting. I would have to call it more of a ‘blogging sabbatical’ since near the end I found myself on the internet more and more but managed to stay away from reading (and, obviously, writing) blogs. Pretty much all the information I want is stored on the internet so that is where I go when I am doing research on something (we don’t even bother keeping books like the Yellow Pages in the house).

The beginning was hard. I found that I kept thinking about things I wanted to blog about and I was tempted to make a list but in the end I avoided that. Making a list seemed like not living in the present which is what I was trying to do. One of the things I hoped to do was clean my house more – but not being on the internet didn’t magically make me a better housekeeper. In fact, mostly I just read in the evenings. I read a lot of books – and it was nice. I watched more movies with the Mister than I usually do and that pretty much sums up the last 100+ days.

Getting down to business.
Life during the last 100+ days:

  • Became seriously lost in Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicle. Both books were large and consuming. I think that took up the rest of the winter. Highly recommended if you like fantasy – but not if you like your novels to be less than 600 pages).
  • Moira turned four and we have been steadily working our way through the Little House On The Prairie series.
  • Fionnuala started putting words together and then jumped into full sentences like, “No, Daddy go get my sippy cup,” and “I DO IT MYSELF!” She calls herself Lula and sings non-stop.
  • The garden got planted, we bought some plum trees and there are eleventy billion sunflowers growing around our house.
  • I took a knitting class and made one sock. One. (Although to give myself a bit of credit, the yarn I was using was terrible and kept breaking and we had to throw it out to save my sanity and I refuse to buy more yarn until I’ve used up more of my stash – and that was the only sock yarn I owned).

I know much more than that happened but I didn’t take notes and honestly didn’t try to think too much about what life was like without blogging. Truth is I missed it, but maybe not as much as I thought I would? Truth is I’m still struggling with where I want this blog and my other blog to go. Truth is my house is still a mess and I could write more but I promised myself I would scrub out the kitchen skin before going to bed.

So tell me – what’s new with you?

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