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I think it is the nature of bloggers to love comments. Obviously we are a somewhat narcissistic bunch and aren’t just writing for ourselves – if we were, arthritis we wouldn’t be posting online. I’m always really tickled when someone takes the time to leave a comment – and one thing that really makes my day is when I get an e-mail/comment asking me to hurry up and post another entry. It is a reminder that there are a few people in the world who are interested in what I say post.

Of course, health system these people fall into one of three categories:

  1. My Mum and/or Sister wanting more baby pictures.
  2. Friends, bored at work wanting more baby pictures and something to read.
  3. Pregnant friends, bored at home (even ones who *ahem* live in Paris) wanting to see more baby pictures.

Moira at 13 weeks

So what have we been up to lately? Well, the Mister and I are still working on getting the apartment in order. This is a painfully slow process because a) we don’t actually want to do it and b) we still need time to hang out as a family and do fun things instead of rearranging furniture and/or organizing the vast amount of stuff that I have. Moira, much to our delight, seems to really enjoy being outside. It appears that she likes to watch the trees/clouds/? so we are spending more and more time outdoors. We are now spending a lot of time at the really great park up the street from us on the weekends. Some times we bring food like Falafels (me), Shawarmas (him), boob (her) and hang out just the three of us reading (me), watching Cricket (him), staring at the trees/clouds/? (her) (The park was founded so people would always have a place to play Cricket in our city). This weekend we met up with friends and had a picnic. We are also spending a lot of time sitting on our deck, drinking tea and talking with Moira who has become very vocal in the last couple weeks and is constantly amusing us with her “talking”. (I really need to get it on video and send it to my sister because it slays me with the cuteness). I don’t know if there is a correlation but not only does being outside seem to relax her while awake – she is sleeping a lot better too and has turned into one happy, really freakin’ cute little girl.

Hey Mum, is it time to eat again?

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