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Alternate title for today: Holy Freaking Shit! Here is my lovely black & white kitchen linoleum (bathroom too but I didn’t bother with photos of that yet – still lots of work to be done). Moira was running around the house saying “I like this! I like this!” Good to know we have the two-year old stamp of approval. Read more →


A couple things: } I’m now 25 weeks pregnant. 15 weeks to go. I promise I will start thinking about you Little Miss Sprig once we have moved into our new house. } We move in less than two weeks. } Our house is going to be awesome. The Mister and I (heavy emphasis on The Mister) refinished the hardwood… Read more →

This is NOT a design blog

But there is a good chance I’m going to be talking about my house for a while so bear with me. Since I plan on painting the main floor the same colour – most likely white (or a very light shade of something) – one thing I would like to do is wallpaper this wall: Except, noun you know, pilule… Read more →

Mid-Century Modest

My friend Chris (he who sends the fabulous links and designed my logo) sent this to me the other day. I already posted about Retro Renovations recently but here is a video done by the blog creator and Etsy Labs talking about Mid-Century Modest. Read more →

Post-assessment 1, 2, 3.

1) We are totally exhausted because the guy doing our assessment was very thorough, website knowledgeable and awesome. Our brains are fried. 2) Some things we didn’t know needed to be done right away are now going to be done Right Away. Others, like the basement, are going to have to wait. 3) If you are interested in seeing the… Read more →