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Dear Monday, page Thank you for not sucking today. Lately our relationship hasn’t been so great – for some reason Moira got it into her head that Monday was Meltdown day and would basically yell at me All Freaking Day. Today Little Miss and I spent the whole day together and it was actually fun. We went to my prenatal… Read more →

Happiness list

The Mister picked up the Chester French album the other day. Neither of us had heard of them – but now that I have done a bit of research it seems that this pop duo from Harvard are current industry darlings. The Mister has been listening to them A LOT but they haven’t quite grown on me yet. I have… Read more →

Mother’s Day

I had big plans to make brunch for my parents this morning but when I called Mum this morning to tell her I was too sick to make brunch Dad told me Mum was too sick to get out of bed. Soooo, diagnosis Happy Mother’s Day to us all! I was hoping to get a photo of Mum, prostate Moira… Read more →

The post I wanted to write…

Is not this one. I wanted to write a post about how ecstatic I am to have finally gotten a plot in the community garden. I wanted to write a post about how I have been working out and feeling better lately or how we are going to see some geek pre-screening of the new Star Trek movie tomorrow morning… Read more →