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Bliss Filled Winner

Moira, phthisiatrician Target and Target (they acted as security – we run a tight ship around here) helped draw the winner out of Moira’s toque today. My plans to draw the winner were a lot more fun last night (at least in my head) before Fionnuala woke up vomiting at at 1:30 a.m. It was a long night. It has… Read more →

Winner from Friday’s Giveaway

The Random Number Generator picked #6: Kerry Clare who wrote: I LOVE I Can Read With My Eyes Shut. This seems very appropriate since it was Kerry who inspired me to play along with her Family Literacy Week. We have I Can Read With My Eyes Shut too Kerry but haven’t read it much lately since Moira isn’t so into… Read more →

Family Literacy Week: Friday Giveaway

We have a number of Dr. Seuss books – I bet you do too. Everyone reads Dr. Seuss. Some of them are really great, sanitary and some of them are kind of meh. But as much as I would like it to be reading these days isn’t about me – at least not when it comes to kids books. And… Read more →