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Bringing Home Baby #2: The Story of Hannah and Jacob by Amber

My first child, Hannah, arrived 6 weeks early, with all the gentleness of a level 3 hurricane. In spite of her small size, she packed a big punch. I found myself saying, “It’s surprising how completely satisfying having one child can be. I can’t see doing this again!” And honestly, I couldn’t. Mostly because ‘doing this again’ would have involved… Read more →

Guest Post series – Bringing Home Baby (#2): Bringing Home Bedlam by Bess Grant

Bringing Home Baby (#2) is a series of guest posts focusing on life after baby #2 comes home. If you want to contribute please contact me – I’m finding the stories fascinating plus it gives me a break while we adjust to life with our own baby #2 born August 18th. ********************* After Desirée was born, I promised myself that… Read more →