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Kids love us.

My absolute favourite drink. Heck – it is practically a pastime with me. I suppose I could get through a day without a cup of tea but why would I want to? Also, medicine I like my tea strong with milk – I have tried to like green tea but I find it rather boring. I will drink some herbal teas but I always feel like I’m just waiting to have a cup of real tea. Recently I have been experimenting with not drinking tea and seeing if it effects Moira’s moods. I had already cut back considerably when I got pregnant and I was told that there isn’t a lot of caffeine that gets into breast milk but still – if my drinking tea is one of the reasons she is such a fussy britches in the evening then I can *gasp* go without for a while. I won’t be happy about it though. So far I don’t think it has any effect on her. The rule is you can have up to 300mg of caffeine a day – which, story according to one book is 6 cups of brewed tea. I have two cups of tea a day (and usually don’t get to finish either one of them) so I think she’s safe.

I’m sad too when the tea runs out.


See the above photos. That is Target. He showed up last year when I left the Mister alone and went visiting my parents in Florida – despite the No More Uglies rule we had implemented. Since then I have become quite attached to the hairy little guy. Besides, rx he seems to freak people out more than the other Uglies which is just too much fun.


We got rid of our T.V. recently. This was something I had been wanting to do for years since I feel strongly about not allowing very small children to watch T.V. Since our T.V. had no channel reception and was only used for movies the Mister had no objections.

I’m not stupid, I know this means a lot more work for me in the long run since I can’t use  T.V. as a babysitter – but that’s also kind of the point. We will revisit the rule when she is older and makes a fuss about it. We still watch movies (well, when we have the time) and can do that on the computer and fully intend on having Family Movie Night eventually. The only T.V. we have watched in the last couple of years have been older SciFi shows (like the recent X-Files spree and we really don’t want her being exposed to that). One thing the Mister and I have both discovered is that not being an avid T.V. watchers gets you left out of a lot of conversations because people love to talk about what they watched on T.V. the night before.

If you want more information on the effect T.V. has on children read The Plug In Drug – it is more than illuminating.

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