Sweet 16 (months) and full of slobbery kisses

Insert *where has the time gone* cliché here.

But seriously, buy information pills where?

I know I haven’t posted much about her development recently – the last time I wrote an in-depth post about Moira was when she turned one. I guess part of that is because I don’t want this to be a Moira-only blog (and don’t really want to be a mommy-blogger) but also I feel I am too busy living life these days to spend all my time documenting it. Truth be told I have a pretty bad memory sometimes and I often think I should be doing more because I know I am going to forget a lot. I am helping that by documenting the almost-Daily Moira over on Flickr but at the same time I haven’t even cracked the spine of her baby book. I guess I’m just not that kind of person. (Also of note: haven’t organized my wedding photos and the wedding “guest book” is still a pile of Polaroid’s & cards in the box it came home in.)

Raising the roof at the sight of these awesome yellow flowers.

But I digress. If I had to sum up Moira these days I would say: this kid rocks. She is happy, side effects busy and super affectionate with the Mister & me (an affection best enjoyed with a large cloth nearby to wipe off the slobber as she is still teething). At 16-months she has 16 teeth (only four more to go!) and is quite the talker. I don’t even know all the words she says: MumMum, anorexia Daddy (that one constantly), ball, flower, thank-you, No-No (when she is doing something she shouldn’t), yeah, nose, ear, chin, eye, knees, dog, cat, cow, Rhino, Whats-dis?, tea (as she attempts to grab our teacups) – I mean really I could go on but why? It’s only interesting/cute when you hear from her. She’s healthy, isn’t picky about eating and sleeps through most nights (even writing that line fills me with fear – as though everything is going to change once I hit publish.)

These days we are all about the board books which is great (until of course you feel like going crazy from reading Wibbly Pig for the eleventy billionth time).

But really, it gives me no end of joy that she is interested in books and we can request a specific book off the shelf and she almost always knows what we are talking about. These days we are also all about making connections. For example when we come across an animal in one of her books – like an elephant or a tiger – she will go and get another representation of the same, whether it be a stuffed animal or a puzzle piece of the same animal. And if the Mister and I were every unsure of where our nose, mouth, ear or chin were we’re in no doubt now as they are pointed out to us 10x a day.

We spend a lot of time at the local park since she loves to be outside observing the world around her. (See also: slightly obsessed with pine cones.) These days (and for the last couple months) she has been in bed from about 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. (if I’m lucky she sleeps that ‘late’) and if we aren’t out of the house by 8:30 in the morning for a walk she starts to turn foul. We walk a lot these days. (Some days we actually run, I’m hoping to do a 10k in October.)

The only thing I could really wish for her is that she had more interactions with other children instead of her whole world being her rather anti-social mum & dad. But I’m working on that and I think it will get better once summer is over and playgroups start up again.

(I wouldn’t say no to her sleeping in until 7:30 a.m. either since life was like this a year ago I’m am ever-so-grateful for what life is like right now.

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