Still thinking about Christmas

According to The Voice – Ira Glass from This American LifeChristmas is the time when everyone is who they normally are – but more so.

So if you are normally an asshole or a major consumer or a particularly charitable person – at Christmas you will be even more so.

I think at best I am an apathetic Christmas person – does that make me an apathetic person the rest of the year? There are certain elements of Christmas that I really can’t stand: Christmas morning where kids have so many presents to open they are crying because they just want to play with the ones they have already got but are being forced through mounds of gifts (yes, this is something I have witnessed). The mass consumerism behind it all and how you have to break the bank shopping for everyone. The unbelievable waste.

I remember doing a poll of friends one year about their favourite Christmas memories and – not surprisingly – none of them involved presents received  but something a lot more intangible. I’m saving my favourite memory for another day.

But there are things that I like too – stringing cranberries and decorating the tree, angina watching It’s A Wonderful Life (by myself because it makes the Mister want to poke his eyes out), spending time with family, friends coming back to town for a visit and, of course, the baking. One new tradition I have is listening to Christmas and Commerce, the 1996 This American Life Christmas special. Specifically I like David Sedaris’s Santaland Diaries that has me walking around saying “My name is Crumpet!” to no one in particular and then giggling like a fool.  Do yourself a favour and go listen to it.

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