Spring, the sweet spring, is the year’s pleasant king

Care for some tea?

Today is my “day off” and, what is ed as many of you know, viagra 40mg what that means for me is I am down to one girl for the day as Moira is off at her grandmas. In my mind I think of this as my day to clean which, stuff as many of you also know, really means my day to catch up on blog reading/writing, drink lots of tea and kiss Fionnuala silly. Oh well, I never said I was much of a home maker.

Life feels really good lately. I suspect part of that is the springness of Spring: the light, the sun, the renewal of hopes. My bright yellow living room is filled with so much sun that one can’t help but be happy. We got hit with a snowstorm on Saturday but there is always a snowstorm in April where we live so even that is part of our Spring. The result is that as I type this I can’t even look out the window because the sun & snow are blinding.

I feel so very excited for this Spring & Summer and all that I have to look forward to: Moira turning three this Friday (!), Fionnuala starting to walk (sometime this summer I’m sure), open windows, after dinner walks, playing outside, Mister getting Friday afternoons off, wearing skirts again, going to visit family in Ontario… the list is endless. Moira’s big hopes these days seem to include going to a farm to see pigs (she is very keen on this right now) and wearing all her summer dresses. In fact, she has been giving us some fashion shows lately with her summer clothes to make sure they fit and wears them in the house constantly.

What are you looking forward to this Spring?


Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions so far. I’m giving myself this week to think and write about them so next week will officially be Interview Week. If anyone else has questions they want to ask me (as a kind kick-in-the-butt for writing) feel free to submit them here.

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