Spotted among the strawberries

Our backyard is a child’s delight.

Earlier in the year it was all about the worms: finding them, hospital digging them up, ambulance transporting them and matching the big and little ones (also known as ‘this one’s the mommy and this one’s the baby‘) so that no worm would be lonely.

Now it is all about the ladybugs. The ladybug population in our backyard exploded recently and we are finding them everywhere – on the sunflowers, the peas, the strawberries, five huddled together under a pole bean leaf. They even like to hang out in the clothes pins (you know, the little circle part that goes on the line – I found three pins in a row the other day with ladybugs tucked inside them) and, consequently, on my laundry when I bring it in the house.

People keep asking me what Moira is doing this Fall – and they mean is she taking dance or swimming or some form of activity in addition to preschool. Why would I sign her up for anything when there are ladybugs to re-home and strawberries to check on 5x a day?

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