Speaking of socks

My friend Jen recently posted about Canadian made wool socks she is selling. As mentioned in my last post there is a reason I get excited about warm socks and that is because I have the hardest time finding warm socks for women. When I do find them they are crazy expensive or ridiculously thick and uncomfortable so I usually end up buying the cheapest socks I can find and wear them right through in a matter of weeks (not even kidding). Then the Mister gets all up in my face about how my feet are freezing and how I should be wearing warmer socks and how he isn’t a radiator for my personal heat-leeching purposes (even though he totally is). But he still lets me put my icicle feet on him at night and that, web ladies and gentlemen, is love.

Anyway, if you have someone on your Christmas shopping list in desperate need of some wool socks you should head on over to Jen’s site and see what she has to offer.

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