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Motrin Ad on YouTube

I’m sure you have heard about the (sort-of-anti) Babywearing Ad that has been all over the internet? The one they have launched in time for Babywearing Awareness Month (or whatever it is called). The one that has all the babywearing Momma’s up in arms. It is a rather stupid ad – I mean, view I personally love wearing Moira around and it did hurt to wear her in the wrap when she got too big so I changed carriers. It was a simple solution. (To be honest, approved using the stroller hurts my back and shoulders so I rarely use it.)

I’m not horrifically offended by the ad as I am sure some people are – mostly I’m just laughing over the fact they thought it was a good idea given who they are targeting.

There is a discussion about it going on over at Thingamababy with a working embed (oh yes, unhealthy I totally just nouned that verb) of the video (does anyone else have embedding problems? I thought once I upgraded all my problems would be solved).

Re: my last post – the Evil Ads that invaded my page are now gone (although it would be nice to get my baby to sleep through the night AND flatten my stomach in time for New Year’s – maybe I should have clicked on that before deleting everything) and Moira is alive and well. Missy woke up around 11:30 screaming just to let the whole apartment know that she was alive and well. Actually, I don’t think the whole apartment building can hear her – but I bet the girl who lives downstairs can. Oh well, she knew there was a baby upstairs when she moved in. Maybe I should buy her some Motrin.

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