Sometimes life makes lists for you

Early December:

I’m certain I’m coming down with something. “I’m getting sick!” I complain to the Mister when he tries to kiss me and I turn my head. “Don’t touch me!” We make sure we don’t mix up our drinking glasses or share food. I’m exhausted and suspect that I am overdoing it on the gluten-filled foods which I know I should avoid and always make me feel bloated and tired.


I’m so tired these days it seems as though doing any little thing is an effort. I can’t quite get the energy to write a decent post – or even a half-way decent post. Normally I would be getting excited about the coming year by this point, story dreaming of new calendars, agendas and New Year to-do lists. When I do find myself with some free time I mostly just curl up on the couch with a book or try to take a nap.


This is one of my favourite months, not just because it is my birthday but also for reflection and list making and yet… yet, there have been no lists and I can’t quite wrap my head around a list of goals for the year. I know my usual dreams of: more sewing, more knitting, less bread, more exercize and grow golden wings aren’t going to cut it. I have written one post in the past couple weeks and feel drained. I feel as though I should be putting more effort into this blog knowing that the redesign is about to launch but still all I want to do is take a nap. At least I now know why.


I give you the smallest list of goals (I can’t call them resolutions – there is nothing to “resolve” here, I have to get these done) I have probably ever had:

  1. Find a new home. Soon.
  2. Give birth at the end of the summer.

That seems like a long way off as I am not at the official 3-month it-is-okay-to-tell-everyone mark but I’ve been through this before and he or she will be here before we know it. Besides, if anything were to happen to the baby this would be the place I would come to talk about it.

So you will have to forgive me if posting is a little sporadic these days, and maybe a little uninspired. I have a lot on my plate right now. However, I won’t be getting eye surgery this week (or for a long while to come) but I appreciate everyone who has volunteered to guest blog with their toy stories. I’ll start posting them on the 15th along with some of mine. There is still room if you want to share some toy stories of your own – and it would really help me out!


So now let’s talk about my new layout. What do you think? The side bar still needs tweaking but as far as the blog goes this is it – I wanted something really simple to force me to write better and take better photos. It took me forever to decide on a colour scheme – I never knew I was so ridiculously picky. I based these colours on the colours of a watermelon. One of these days I will finish some of the other pages and turn it into a work website but for now this is how it will be. The logo for the main website is slightly different than the blog site but that is because the blog is a little more personal and a little more frivolous.

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