So many reasons to Remember*

Photo by Striatic

Photo by Striatic

It’s Remembrance Day here in Canada – a quiet one for Missy and I, prescription but then I feel that’s the way it should be. I turned on the radio when I got up this morning and listened to stories and songs about the war. I learned about the Canadian Letters website, which I would spend a ton of time on if I had a ton of time to spend. When the 11th hour struck I had my moment of silence while I watched Moira rolling around on the floor with her new goofy grin staring up at me and just felt so grateful that I am alive and healthy and able to be her mother and have never known war. I thank the veterans for that and the men and women, like my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law’s brother (what a mouthful) who are currently in the army and are often in peacekeeping roles leaving their families for months at a time. When Moira is older I will take her to the ceremonies but today it was better to stay at home and quietly reflect.

I make no bones about my love for The Vinyl Cafe. I listen to it on podcast these days whenever I can but there was a time when I could often be found in my car in a parking lot, unable to turn the radio off and go about my errands as Stuart McLean weaved his latest tale of Dave and Usually I had tears streaming down my face between the laughter and I suspect the people walking by would wonder if they should help that girl or if she was too much on the left side of crazy to bother with. Last year’s Remembrance Day story was particularly moving and I tried to find it to share but they only have the recent broadcast available. That’s okay though – I’m sure it is going to be great so if you are feel like spending 54 minutes and 31 seconds doing something to mark this Remembrance Day I suggest downloading the podcast, sitting back with a glass of something (which will probably be herbal tea for mean given that I can’t handle the booze) and a box of tissue.


*There was an alternative title for this blog post playing around in my head all day, the title was “I Call Bullshit.” This is due to the fact that my husband didn’t get the day off today – his company will give him Dec. 24th off instead. Now, I’m not complaining about the fact that he gets the 24th off but I am complaining that people think this holiday is something that can be shuffled around. We get a lot of holidays in Canada: Labour Day, Victoria Day  (also known as May Long which is a big drunk fest for some), August Long Weekend (I don’t even know why we get that Monday off) – so many holidays that have little meaning anymore. Remembrance Day still has meaning and shouldn’t be optional. /End Rant.

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