So, come here often?

One of my favourite bloggers recently decided to start writing again after a long absence. Her explanation about why she stayed away so long was because she felt she had to write a big welcome back post explaining why she stayed away so long. Doesn’t everyone feel pressure like that? Every time I write a post it ends up being way too long and, clinic frankly, unhealthy rather boring and then I don’t bother finishing it and the moment passes, health nothing gets posted and months go by.

I think the solution when it comes to writing more frequently – for me – would be shorter posts. (And fewer children?)

So what have we been up to?

Moira and I have been reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s The Long Winter (again) which serves to illustrate just how cushy our  modern lives are but realistically only minimally makes our winter seem not as long. We certainly didn’t starve and we didn’t worry that Pa wouldn’t make it home in the latest blizzard. Nobody froze either but I’m still ridiculously happy that Spring is starting to make a big, dirty, slushy appearance.

Fionnuala is having a rough year and that in itself is a long and involved story that may or may not get told. I’m hoping this recent round of illness she is suffering through is the beginning of the end of her – and our – misery.

Oonagh is hilarious and wants to climb everything and is really rather sneaky about it – at least as sneaky as someone who is only 13 months old can be.

That in no way sums up my life recently but how can one really sum up a life? I don’t want to say “busy” because people who complain about being busy are annoying. How are you?Oh, you know, busy.” That isn’t a real answer. When I am out and about with the girls strangers often comment “You must be busy.” And I usually just smile because at the moment the answer is probably yes if busy = frazzled.

How am I really? Entrenched in the world of little children which brings me to great heights and depths on an hourly basis. It’s exhausting and exhilarating and mind numbing and some days I’m an emotional wreck and some days I’m just fine. But am I busy? Not really. I just am.

I’m on Instagram almost daily posting snapshots of our lives and that seems to be the most I can handle these days.

How are you doing?

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