Smoke & Mirrors

Hey remember this:

We took the mirror (and a bit of the wallpaper) down today and got this:

I hate to think of what their lungs look like. Yuck!


Today was our official possession date and the Mister took the day off so we could interview contractors and start getting quotes. We are keeping our apartment until the end of May and in that time we need to get the bathroom re-done, visit this the walls & ceiling of the main floor painted, implant the hardwood re-finished, pharmacy new carpet in the living room and goodness knows what else. I’m so exhausted tonight I don’t even know where my emotions are: do I want to cry? Maybe I just need to sleep. Also, everyone has advice to give on what we ‘must’ do & it is a little overwhelming.

My friend Jocelyn brought us some moving boxes (there is a lot of crap left in the house that needs to go) and my parents brought us sandwiches.† Here we are, a couple of sandwich faces, sitting on our front stoop eating in the first official photo of us as home owners.

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