Slowly better but with a burning heart

Well, drug after yesterday’s 12 hour puking/nausea/sleep session I decided I needed another day off work. I went to bed early and exhausted last night and felt myself getting slowly better all day today – although I did have a good two hour nap in the afternoon.

Another benefit to staying home was that I have finally been able to get the terrible heartburn/acid reflux I have had for the past week (or more) under control. I wasn’t sure what was going on since I have never really suffered from this before but after eating way too much this weekend and then getting the stomach flu I managed to burn the crap out of my throat as the contents of my stomach forced themselves out, check repeatedly. How’s that for a nice mental image for you? My Mum, gynecologist the Queen of acid reflux, gave me lots of good advice, as well as all the pregnant women on this forum that I participate in. Apparently, this reflux is normal and will be with me until the Wrackspurt shows his/her face in April. As long as I do the exact opposite of what I normally do – eat small meals throughout the day, chew slowly, don’t drink water while I am eating, avoid anything spicy etc. – all should be fine. Sounds like fun, eh? Staying home meant that I had the chance to leave enough time between meals and make sure I wasn’t scarfing anything down – which I am known to do. The Mister is now keeping an even closer eye on my diet than usual since I suspect he doesn’t want to have to put up with me crying on the couch in pain. Also, it’s his baby too and has been on me since the beginning about how the kid needs things like protein and not just tea and toast to develop properly. Jerk.

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