Sleep & water

Public Enemy #2

I was laying in bed last night wondering if I should have pressed ‘publish’ on that last post. Not because I thought I said anything awful – or even anything other mothers aren’t thinking – but because sometimes it’s best if I sit on a post and revisit it before I send it out to the world. There are many reasons for this: spelling, treat grammar but mostly I find I have more to say.

I was also thinking about how most problems (for people) come down to two things: water and sleep. I honestly believe most of our problems can be cured by getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. (Seriously, there next time you feel kind of blah just drink a big glass of water.) However, I don’t really want to talk/write about sleep because I was so obsessed with it when Moira was born I felt like that was all I talked/wrote about. Still, I’m sure most of my problems these days come down to not getting enough sleep since I’m getting so very little sleep between midnight(ish) and when Moira gets up for the day (around 6:30 a.m.) and this is the reason my resilience is at an all-time-low.

The dastardly duo

So my ‘little baby who slept’ isn’t sleeping well anymore and I definitely need to do something about it. She wasn’t sleeping great before she got sick – but combine sickness with teething, the introduction of solid foods and her desire to practice her baby babble babbles at 3 in the morning and, well, everything has gone to hell. I know it needs to be fixed and I’m working on it – and that is the part that I don’t really want to talk about. There have been so many flame wars on the Internet about children & sleep that I don’t want to become a part of it even by accident. We all do what we need to do – whether it be crying-it-out, co-sleeping or some other method. I’m sure we’ll figure out what works for us with this one.

Eat or read?

Thank you all for your kind comments on yesterdays post. It was +3 degrees outside today and we did manage to get out and play in the snow. Both Moira & I are better people because of it.

(Now I’m going to have a glass of water and go to bed.)

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