Simplicity Monday: Slowing down the season

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The snow fell thick and fast on Saturday night as we drove home from the first family Christmas celebration of the season. My wishes for a simpler Christmas are going unheeded by some members of our family but I’m figuring out ways to deal with them.

For the last couple months  we end our day by talking about our “favourite things” from that day. Saturday was busy – much busier than usual. We went to a breakfast party in the morning and had a family Christmas dinner in the evening. Usually I wouldn’t schedule two things in a day but since we would be able to keep to our regular nap/quiet-time schedule I thought it would be okay. Here were Moira’s favourite things from Saturday:

1) Being in the snow.

2) Throwing sticks in the river (after the breakfast party).

3) Seeing her friend Evey.

Anyone see any mention of presents on that list?

We spent Sunday in an exhausted stupor. Even today we still feel as though we are recovering.

From this past Saturday until the 25th there are parties and present-opening events every weekend until Christmas. That is four weekends in a row! So our week days will be kept quiet. We will go to preschool, our weekly trip to the library and maybe a playdate with a close friend. Nothing too stressful. Lots of time at home, lots of stories, lots of snuggles.

This article: The 5 Best Toys of All Time has been making its way around the internet these days.  It’s a fun read and so true.

There is a great article up on Simplicity Parenting by Gwen Elliot (from the lovely blog Barn Raising about simplifying the Christmas season.

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