Simplicity Monday: Refinding your rhythm when things go awry

I started this Simplicity Monday post last Monday but didn’t really feel up to finishing it. The week before the Mister left was a rough week. Not only were both Fionnuala and the Mister sick, illness but it was the Silent Auction for Moira’s preschool on Saturday night and my committee (of which I am chair of because of stupidity and last-minute form filling-out on my part) was in charge of the food. We were in charge of soliciting food donations and, well, even when I worked at Sbux I hated so much as upselling a muffin so asking people to part with their money isn’t really up my alley.

I was so relieved when it was all over. Except that after a late-night I got up early on Sunday to give the Mister a kiss goodbye before he left for a week and turned around to find the house in shambles. I was out all day Saturday and it was all the (remember: sick) Mister could do to lay on the couch and keep an eye on the girls as they tore the place apart. But at least nobody vomited. Sunday I was exhausted and ill-feeling myself and still had to feed these little creatures and be nice to them (with varying degrees of success on that last one).

Sunday was rough.

Monday morning, however, we got back on schedule. Little people were washed and dressed, we got to preschool on time. We even made a late-afternoon excursion out to run some errands because people needed to get out of the house. Getting out of the house post-nap/quiet time is a lot easier in the summer because it involves sitting in the yard or weeding or going for a walk. In the winter it involves way too much clothing and babies crying because of cold fingers. But we did it.

Still, without the Mister the week just seemed off. (And I had more preschool duties to stress me out but that’s a different issue.) I felt like it took me all week just to get some of the mess under control.

However, I’m a stickler for two things and those were my touchstone all week: nap/quiet time and an early bedtime. Every day Moira says “I’m not going to have a quiet time!” And every day she does. She needs it, I need it. I know it. She knows it. It is non-negotiable – and her protests are pretty faint anyway – she won’t admit it but she enjoys her quiet time. I’ve got it so that 95% of the time the girls are sharing their nap/quiet time which means I get a break.

Without that break getting through the rest of the day is really hard.

Bedtime around here is between 6 & 6:30 p.m. If Moira has an actual nap (rare but it does happen) she can stay up later – usually 7:30-8 although it takes her a long time to fall asleep. I will admit to having finished the full night-time routine and putting both kids to bed by 6 p.m. a couple of times last week – but those were also days when nap/quiet time wasn’t as long as everyone  needed. Moira is usually asleep within 10 minutes.

What are you a stickler for in your day?

(As I was writing this, Moira was in her room having quiet time. The Mister & I can’t tell if she is running laps or dancing in there but there is definitely singing going on and a lot of movement.)



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