Simplicity Monday: filtering out the adult world

We are at a production of Anne of Green Gables the musical. It’s Moira’s first time going to a play and I was hoping this one would be a good fit. But when actors start yelling at each other Moira buries her face in my chest and says: they are hurting my heart.

There were many reasons we left at intermission (she was asking too many questions and I was asked to “make” her whisper – good luck!) but that was the biggest one. She told me they are hurting my heart a couple of times. When Marilla tells Anne she is not allowed to go to the Sunday School picnic – I could see the tears welling up in Moira’s eyes and thankfully it was resolved quickly because I feared a reprisal of the time we watched Springtime for Roo and Rabbit cancelled Easter and we had to pause the movie until the sobbing subsided. (Although really, this Rabbit’s a real bastard most of the time.)

In Simplicity Parenting there is a whole chapter on filtering out the adult world and it’s importance. A lot of the chapter focuses on reducing screen time for children and that isn’t an issue at our house – I strongly believe TV is detrimental for children who are as young as mine and I see no need for them to be on the computer either. We also try to reserve more adult conversations until later on in the evening when little ears are no longer listening – and really, ambulance it works better that way because we aren’t being interrupted. This really hit home for me during the summer when, cheap at a family dinner in Ontario, my relatives and I were talking about the Nestle corporation, how they actively encourage mothers in African countries not to breastfeed and have been involved in numerous tainted formula scandals. The point isn’t about what Nestle is doing. The point (here at least) is that Moira was traumatized by anyone not allowing a Mummy to breastfeed. She immediately burst into tears and talked about it for days.

Still, I sometimes forget just how young Moira is. I thought taking her to a play would be a fun thing to do and that a musical about a lovable orphan who finds a family couldn’t do any harm. Until, of course, it turns into a musical about a girl whose parents have died and no one wants her.

Obviously the next play needs to be shorter and more kid-friendly. Also the Mister and I have decided to start fighting and yelling at one another because this kids home life is obviously too quiet.




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