Simplicity Monday (because isn’t that better than Manic Monday?)

I’m reading through Simplicity Parenting again. I can’t help it – I feel so connected to it and I want to ‘get it right’ so to speak. As far as we can get anything ‘right’ in this job we call parenthood.

These days I’m thinking a lot about what simplicity means to me. I’ve always been drawn to it as a definition of living. My sister had a book years ago called The Simple Living Guide and I read it through twice before finding my own copy. Even with this drive to simplify I still have a house full of things I don’t need. I find that is my downfall – owning too much stuff. If I find that a disorganized home leads to a disorganized mind then how must my children feel?

We are taking small steps (I would say “baby steps” but that reminds me of the movie What About Bob? which I absolutely detested and am not even linking to so you either know what I’m talking about or don’t). The toys are slowly being whittled down to a more manageable level (and I wouldn’t let that many in the house to begin with). A more defined rhythm is slowly being introduced to our lives.

Moira & I made placemats recently and she helps me set the table now (although not every day since that damn witching hour interferes with a lot of my plans). It doesn’t sound like much but Moira has told everyone and anyone who will listen that we made placemats and that she is helping to set the table. She loves deciding who gets what placemat and figuring out how to fold the napkins. Her love for the whole dinner-time ritual is what makes me believe that rhythm and routine are what children need the most.

So I ask you: What does simplicity look like to you? Is it something you even think about or strive for?


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