Sick baby, first babies, new baby and other thoughts

Wow – this hasn’t happened in a while: Moira is crying and crying and CRYING. We’ve been so lucky with the going-to-bed situation for the last couple months but now Missy has a cold and a bit of a fever and I can’t get her to settle. She doesn’t want to be held (read: has almost fallen out of my arms with all her squirming), hospital doesn’t want a bottle, price doesn’t want to sleep but is ridiculously tired. I’m on my own tonight too since we are supposed to be at a birthday party for the Mister’s friend/boss but Missy and I stayed home for obvious reasons. Of course, let’s face it, in situations like these I’m on my own anyway because the Mister can’t handle the crying. Normally I can get her to relax and settle no problem – so I guess I should just be grateful for all those other nights and hope that she is feeling better tomorrow. Also – we managed to go 10 months without her getting sick once – yay us!

Things I have been thinking about/loving lately.

  • I am intrigued by the author in this article and can’t wait to read some of her books.
  • I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow. If things go well no one will notice.
  • Moira is definitely a tension-increaser. I’m glad there is a term for it I can throw at people when they ask me why I didn’t “Ferberize” my baby. (Doesn’t that sound like some sort of cleaning agent?) Of course tonight she isn’t anything except a sick, screaming, squirming bundle of snotty joy.
  • I keep thinking about this post by SouleMama. I often think about what it will be like when we have another child… someday. It is hard to imagine the bond with the second one being as magical as the bond with the first one because we have so much time with her. We call it baby TV when we sit around and watch her. But that post by SouleMama made me feel better about things – after all, once upon a time I was that baby with the older siblings to give me their attention and for me to follow around and I certainly grew up feeling loved.
  • When asked to describe my personal style of last year I called it post-partum. I’m not doing much better this year but this post on What Do You Want To Look Like? is very inspiring. Lots to think about. I think I’m doing good if I manage to change out of my pajamas before noon and wash my hair a couple times a week. There was a time though that my style used to be so much more… stylish. Most days I look like this:

(The Mister took that photo because he was laughing at all the different patterns)

  • What do you want to look like?

You don’t even want to know how many times I got up to calm Moira down and how long it took me to write this post. Instead of thinking about it I will leave you with this rare sighting of all eight teeth (all of which she had by her eight month birthday).

And I just got a phone call letting me know that Moira’s future BFF (and cousin) was born this morning. Her name is Zoey Elizabeth. I see a lot of Valentine’s themed birthday parties in her future – bring on the cinnamon heart cupcakes!

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