Seriously, I have to stop talking about this

I got my hair cut today. I could take an “after” picture but that would imply I bothered with a “before” picture and it always takes a while for my hair to go back to normal. Right now my hair is very straight which I only like if it is long and one length. As it is, neuropathologist I think I look like a soccer-Mum or a sitcom star. As I walked home through downtown I was noticing how most of the women’s hair looked like it had been straightened and this reminded me of my brief stint in the oil patch – every time I got my hair cut it would get straightened and the guys I worked with would mention how good my hair looked and how professional I looked. A mess of curls does not equal professional apparently. I liked the stylist though and I think she did a good job with what she had to work with. Now I just need to continue growing out these thin layers so my hair can start falling out once the baby is born.

Baby-related deed of the day: started pre-natal yoga.

Things I’m not going to talk about anymore: my hair.

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