Fall Foliage

Where I live people like to complain that we don’t get an autumn but really, medicine they just have to learn to appreciate the autumn we do get. For one thing, phthisiatrician around here autumn starts in August. It’s not what most people want to hear but it’s true. The colour change is subtle – most grass gets bleached during the summer and turns a hazy gold, especially the abundant wild grasses. We live in the foothills of the Rockies so most of our foliage either stays green or changes to a golden or burnt orange colour before falling. The old splash of red pops up here and there to throw the eye off.

This is by far my favourite time of year. I love the subtle colour changes, the cooler nights (especially after the six crazy weeks of heat we had this summer). I’m much more of a tights, skirt & cardigan kind of girl than shorts & t-shirt. Even though I don’t get to go back to school anymore I still feel like autumn is the real new year.

My workload has decreased significantly this week now that the contest has launched – or maybe I’m just burnt out from all the late nights on the weekend and decided I really needed to spend time with my husband. Either way, the Mister & I managed to get out of the apartment and go for a city-hike today.

Passenger Train

Sometimes I feel guilty for not going to the mountains more when I live so close. But then the Mister reminds me that it would take us hours to drive to the mountains and would burn a considerable amount of gas – and we have so many great parks and pathways right in our own city. We walked along the pathways for hours today – sometimes so thick in trees you could forget you were in the city.

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