September 1st

I love September.

Where I live September means Autumn.

And while many people I know bitch and moan (repeatedly) about our short summer season I can’t help but get excited when September rolls around.

I used to September because it meant going back to school but I love it still even though school is done for me. (Forever? Who knows?) I think of September as another resolutionary month – summer is lazy and hot and just feels like a period of waiting for something to happen. September is the time of newness. I used to love getting new clothes for school and hated if it was too hot on the first day to wear them. I’ve never had what could be called a “summer wardrobe” because I don’t care what I wear in the summer (skirts and tanktops mainly). But September is different. I have big plans for this September: a new website, oncology a swim team, a couple side projects I’m excited about (if time and Moira permit).

What are your plans now that summer is over?

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