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I think as far as crafting goes, refractionist fabric is my first love. My desire to collect all sorts of beautiful fabrics isn’t equal to my desire to cut into them. Currently I am in awe of those who design their own – not just the Amy Butlers and Denyse Schmidts but also the not-so-well-known people on Etsy.

I didn’t take the Handmade Pledge this year. I usually try and make what I can but purchases are still made – usually for the nephews. The Mister and I spend a lot of time baking at Christmas and often give that as gifts and some people who we usually buy for are going to have to be happy with baking because that is all that is being given out this year. Still, pharm I have been taking the time to stop by Etsy and feel inspired for a little while. Just because I don’t need anything doesn’t mean I can’t window (via computer) shop!

I mean, allergy look at the colours and designs of A Stitch in Dye‘s work. She designs and hand dyes her fabric and then makes amazing things out of it.

And check out the Turtle Quilt by Leanne Graeff

I just came across this amazing shop today – look at this pillow!

I always like to check out the vintage fabric on auction here. Years ago, when the Mister and I first started dating he had an eBay account and I had never been on eBay before. I was using his computer one day and discovered this fabric site and saw a fabric I really REALLY wanted. So I bid on it and didn’t lose the bid. And then, like I normally do, I regretted it because I really had no idea what I was doing. But the Mister wasn’t home so I couldn’t tell him and he got an e-mail about how he was the current high bidder for that particular item. For a moment he thought someone had broken into his account until he noticed that it was for “Retro Atomic Beatnik Teenagers Fabric” – he had a suspicion he should check with me before calling eBay and reporting anything. In the end I lost the auction because I wasn’t willing to spend much money – I still wish I had won that fabric.

I usually go to Happy Owl’s shop to look at her glass work but this is just really cute.

Someday the Mister and I will own a Cotton Monster – because you can never have enough monsters in your life.


I spent a good portion of my day scrubbing the kitchen. It was nice to feel productive even if I have a long way to go before this apartment can be considered clean. Clutter and dirt make me anxious. Having no income makes me anxious – so lets just say things are a little anxious these days and leave it at that.

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