Saturday to Wednesday

I’ve been feeling uninspired lately – or maybe overwhelmed. I get like this. I have so much to do that I don’t know where to start. Instead, and here is the last week in pictures:

Saturday: Chinook sky over the river. We walked the couple of kilometres in nice weather – I didn’t even wear a toque for part of it! (Which is a big deal for me).

Sunday: the temperature dropped drastically. We went to the grocery store and my lettuce froze on the way home so I had to throw out half of it.

Monday morning: I don’t usually lie around in the bathtub in the morning but it was -42 out with the wind chill and I am having a hard time getting motivated. My belly no longer fits under the water and I haven’t been able to shave my legs in months because my pregnant body has an aversion to razors and the rash just isn’t worth it.

Monday afternoon: Apathy sets in full force. After spending too much time on the computer in the morning doing nothing I decide to give in and watch a movie and knit – at least this way I am making progress on something. I didn’t leave the apartment for the entire day but did discover that if I watch action flicks I will knit faster. I know what my problem is – the Mister started a temp job today and we have gotten used to having each other around all day so I don’t know what to do with myself. Everyone should have my problems.

Tuesday: In spite of the cold, anemia I must leave the apartment to attend a funeral for my friend’s father. I wear all black even though I think it is kind of tacky to wear all black to a funeral these days – however, being pregnant my wardrobe is rather limited and because of the cold in the church I don’t take my parka off the whole time. Very few people do. I pick the Mister up from downtown and there is no one on the roads – that was rather nice.

Wednesday: Force myself out of the house to get some work done at the local teahouse.† I’ve been avoiding writing a book review because this particular publication† wants me to write 500 words which is, in my humble opinion, usually 100 words too long for a book review – at least it is when you didn’t like the book. However, having this parka makes all the difference when having to brave the cold. My Dad used to wear it in the Arctic and it is super cozy and keeps me warm. My only complaint is that it took me this long to discover it. Considering my Dad now spends his winters in Florida I don’t think he will mind too much that I never intend on giving it back. When I got home I managed to make some headway on changing over some closets and pulling the sewing table into the living room so I can start sewing diapers. Maybe the warmer weather is helping my mood. It was only -28 today.

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