Saturday night Scotsman


The Mister is away for 10 days (!) and I’m taking moments between pining away for him to get the apartment organized. And I mean organized. I’m even trying to get a cleaning crew to come in and do a really good scrubbing since it’s something I haven’t had time to do in a couple years. Yes, info I said years! I can clean one room at a time but once finished I’m too tired to get to the next one – I usually get through the kitchen and bathroom and then get busy and the next thing I know a month has passed and have to start with the kitchen and bathroom again. It’s frustrating and I’m too embarrassed to have anyone come over these days. The year of review books for the big city newspaper means I have stacks and stacks of books gathering dust. Now that the Mister and I both work from home it’s only going to get worse. A friend once called our apartment “academic” – it was her way of saying dirty and cluttered.

Once this place is a little less “academic” I hope to have space to start sewing again.

Of course, what am I doing now? I’m watching bad, made-for-tv Scottish movies right now and posting things on Freecycle. Definitely not organizing. They had the John Hannah episodes of Rebus at the library this week and I think the Mister was worried about how excited I was when I saw it.

In other news: Friday was my first day of shooting for my hosting job. I have a feeling I’m mean’t to be behind the camera, not in front. I always like to tell people I have a face for radio anyway.

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