Rock Show Hangover

I have a total fun hangover today. I guess once I decided to stop drinking my body felt it still needed to punish me so whenever I stay up late having fun I pay for it the next day. I say this not just so you can laugh at me but also to inform you that I won’t be waxing poetical about last night, ampoule instead lets do a little point form recap:

  • The biggest thing on my mind yesterday: Moira started her first full day at the day home. Starting this week she is now spending three days in care because I have a contract to work on (more on that some other time). I had thought about getting my hair done or buying a nice outfit but I felt so distracted most of the day wondering how my girl was doing that I really had to force myself to concentrate to get my work done. Who has time to worry about an ex when there is a giant piece of their soul missing and possibly crying her heart out for Mummy?
  • Ha ha ha. Oh wait, medic we are talking about Moira – she didn’t even nap yesterday because she was having so much fun. She didn’t cry. When I went to pick her up she was very happy to see me – and then went back to the toys. My child = amazing.
  • The King Khan and the Shrines with Mark Sultan show last night was FANTASTIC. Hence the fun hangover. I ran into The King himself before the show started and to my surprise he recognized me and gave me a big hug. For some reason it always surprises me when people recognize me but I look almost exactly the same so I’m not sure why. We talked for a while about having kids and Arish seemed almost down to earth compared to when I knew him in Montreal and crashed on his couch – until he got on stage and he turned into King Khan. Seriously – that show blew us away.
  • I had this theory that if I did make a huge effort in my appearance and spend money that *insert name here* wouldn’t be at the show. Much like my psychic abilities, my theory turned out to be wrong. If he was at the show I didn’t see him – but I did see his best friend D & wife and talked to them for a while. I suspect if *insert name here* was in attendance they would have been together.
  • I will say that I didn’t spend any time looking for him. My stomach did a little lurch as we approached the club (crowds! hipster kids!) but once we got inside (I’m being carded! I’m being carded! Oh wait: they’re carding everyone.) we headed to the front to watch the acts – which was why we were there – and dance to the music.
  • Until the moshing started. I’ve never understood moshing – the last time I was in a mosh was high school and I had a boot print of a bruise on my arm to show for it. I’m a delicate flower.
  • In the end the Mister & I had a wonderful date night, lamenting the fact that it had been so long since we had been to a rock show and promised ourselves to go to another one sooner rather than later (possibly when Khan and Sultan come back as King Khan & BBQ Show come to town next month).

Thank you all for your kind comments and advice but mostly thank you for your hilarious stories about exes and/or bad presents – please keep them coming if you didn’t post a comment in the last entry or go and read the comments if you missed some. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? Or maybe it just makes us try harder – the jury is still out on that one.

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