Rock Band Status for the Family

While Melanie is recovering, oncology here is a brief post from the Mr. regarding the new addition to the family.

Name: Fionnuala Irene (pronounced Fin-oo-la)

Birth Weight: 7 lbs 1 oz (exactly the same as mom and older sister)

Born on: 8-something am on the 18th of August (18/8/10 – a date I can remember! 18-8=10).  Water broke Monday evening, buy attempted induced labour for 18+ hours, then off to an emergency c-section after everyone threw the towel in.  All in all, a looooooooong haul.  But it is over and Fionnuala/Mommy are healthy.

Breastfeeding: going like a trucker.  Gained 92 grams yesterday after hitting rock bottom weight of just over 10% loss (so the nurses got to freak out for a bit… lol… nurses…)

Things that make me happy:


Happy mommy + baby

You must keep a sense of humour when someone is chomping on your body.

The girls getting aquainted.

The Gremlin ready to come home from the hospital.

Things that make me mad:

Complete with tons of sugar-like crap and food colouring.

Sugar, Corn Syrup Solids, Modified Milk Ingredients, Orange Flavour (including FD&C yellow #6)

Apparently this constitutes a “vegetable” serving at the hospital.

Beef, beef, beef, instant crap, frozen crap, food colouring.

I guess that they don’t want the mothers to recover or have nutrients to create breast milk with.  I saw plently of husbands lugging cafeteria food up (they had salads, wraps, sushi, sandwiches, etc.) so if you had someone there to support you and you had money, you could get something better.

I feel especially sorry for the low income or single mothers.  Or institutionalised hospital patients that get that crap every meal, every day.

The Nurses nurtrition/diet study shows that nurses are notoriously bad eaters and have worse dietary intakes than the average person, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t fight to get their patients better food…  or that they don’t understand the importance of healthy diet to recovery?  WTF?

While it is obviously not all the nurses’ fault, the apple doesn’t land far from the tree.

They also expected me to keep a lady who was in labour for 34 hours off of all food except… ice chips.


They would have a dessicated corpse on their hands if I actually did that.  I jammed food into her maw all evening whenever a nurse left the room.  Everything from sausage to salad – how else was she supposed to survive the ordeal?

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