Right now

I am sitting on my deck, visit this site drinking tea and eating a sticky bun while trying to type – which really isn’t the wisest decision I have made in a while. Not 10 minutes ago I was sitting on the deck with Moira who is now in her bassinet feebly trying to tell me that she isn’t tired even though she is being something of a grump. She has decided that she doesn’t need to do anything other than eat today so except for a 2 hour break when we went to get her hip x-rayed (a by-product of her being a c-section baby and only a precaution, I doubt there is anything wrong with her hip), she has eaten every hour since 6:30 a.m. this morning. I was kind of hoping we could go to the park today but the sky is grey and the ground is wet and there is a storm coming and sitting on wet ground isn’t fun for anyone.

Random Thoughts:

– I never hear of anyone named Ivy anymore. I’ve never met anyone named Ivy. Is that because of the Poison Ivy song? I’m seriously thinking that if we had another girl I would name her Ivy, it goes well with our last names. (No, I’m REALLY not thinking of having another baby right now – this just randomly popped into my head today.)

– Air Canada recently announced that they are laying off 600 flight attendants with more layoffs to come. President and CEO of ACE Aviation Holdings (Air Canada’s parent company), Robert Milton was paid $43 million dollars in 2007. Now, I realize that Air Canada doesn’t need very many flight attandents because they don’t give you service anymore anyway (not a slight on the flight attendants btw) but that just seems a little unfair to me. (And yes, I know life is unfair but that doesn’t mean it can’t bother me.)

– Another house on my street was torn down yesterday to make way for another infill. This makes me sad, it was a cute little house.

– She is now asleep. I should go do something productive – like heat up my tea.

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