Right now

I’m sitting in the neighbourhood teahouse sans baby. It feels very weird. Walking in my stomach did a little dip as I looked around at all the hipsters enjoying their tea with the warm-yet-crisp fall weather. And then I looked inward at myself. In an attempt to get out of the house and enjoy these two baby-free hours I threw on the only post-partum clothing that currently fits, web that was on the floor beside my bed, viagra kept my hair in it’s perpetual pulled-back position and tried not to cry as my daughter screamed her little heart out at her grandmother. I’m impressed that I managed to wash my face and brush my teeth. I suspect we never outgrow this need to compare ourselves to others.

I panicked a little when I noticed that none of the tables against the wall were available, my laptop battery not being what it used to be – until I noticed a strand of unused Christmas lights that I plugged into the wall and am using as a sparkling LED extension cord. I’m a little proud of myself for that ingeniousness.

I spent an hour getting frustrated at the design of my new website and am getting tired of listening to the teenage girls sitting beside me talking about penis length. I kinda want to go home and see how my daughter is faring but instead I will go look for jeans.

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