Reverb10: Wonder

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

This question seems a little hokey* to me. First of all, pilule can you actually cultivate a sense of wonder? What does that even mean? However,  I’ve been thinking about it all day and I bet my answer is going to sound a little hokey too… but I don’t feel like I have to cultivate a sense of wonder in my life – I have children (and when children fail, I have books).  The only way I can see to interpret it is that my days are filled with watching small people learn something new every day and I find that rather amazing. Yesterday the role of the Three Bears was played by various Uglydolls and they had a full on tea & porridge party on the big blue chair before they were tucked into various “beds” around the house and we had to be quiet because they were sleeping. This morning Moira was scribbling inside a cardboard box with a crayon and telling us that she was “stripping the mummy wraps” – your guess is as good as mine to what that means but it was really important to her at the time. The other day I watched as Fionnuala found her hands for the first time. I could see her eyes bulge and imagined that her little mind was exploding as she watched them move back and forth in front of her face as she realized that she now has short bursts of controlled manual dexterity before she, inevitably, punches herself in the face. My life is filled with wonder.

*The word hokey always looks like it is spelled wrong to me – as though someone was trying to spell hockey but failed.

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