Reverb10: Wisdom

December 10 – Wisdom
Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, pestilence and how did it play out?

Sniffing the lemons.

I made many decisions in 2010 – the decision to move, to buy a house, to not take on work I knew I couldn’t complete, to not beat myself up for not getting as much done as I would like… the list is endless.

However, the one decision I can say was made out of wisdom (and not just necessity) was changing the way we eat to a Whole Foods Plant Based diet. I know the Mister talked about it on this blog a lot after Fionnuala was born to give me a break from blogging but here are my thoughts on it:

  • I never thought the Mister & I would be on the same page about food – and I certainly didn’t think he would ever give up meat. It’s kind of like a dream come true. Especially since we aren’t cooking separate meals when he felt like beef or pork (which I gave up eating over a decade ago) any more. We now eat together more often and this “being on the same page” feeling has spread into other areas of our lives.
  • Cooking is exciting again – it’s like we are on a little culinary adventure.
  • Because we shopped at the supermarket I always felt we were getting the lowest common denominator of meat – but it was all we could afford. Now I don’t have to worry about it.
  • If I never eat another piece of chicken in my life I will be perfectly content.
  • The fact that we made this decision while the girls are young is going to make our lives so much easier than finding out about The China Study in 10 years and then trying to change the girls’ diet.
  • It makes me feel good to know we have taken ourselves out of the factory farming cycle.
  • There is a good chance I will never be constipated again.


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