Reverb10: (Beyond) Avoidance

December 20 – Beyond Avoidance

What should you have done this year but didn’t because you were too scared, approved worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will you do it?)

It is normally my practice to avoid going to a mall after the 1st of December. Especially any of the major malls (the local mall where all the old people hang out and drink Dairy Queen coffee doesn’t count because the people watching is awesome and it is great for quick errands). Today, however, I had to go to one of the biggest malls in the city to do some shopping on behalf of my parents and came away feeling really crap about myself. I kept thinking about how that mall is Beyond Avoidance because really it should be avoided at all times but sometimes it can’t be helped.

First of all I didn’t realize I had to get all dressed up in my best clothes and a ton of make-up to schlup around the mall. The only cute accessory I wore was busy blowing raspberries the whole time and slobbering all over the baby carrier. This mall has been renovated recently to include even more up-scale and/or trendy stores (Burberry, Abercrombie & Fitch, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters to name a few that until recently couldn’t be found in our city) and I guess people are trying to look like they can afford those stores? I will admit I have always liked looking at Anthropologie online but find it to be ridiculously overpriced and the fact that the line-up of people buying something stretched around the entire store rather disgusted me. Also, a cute wool plaid skirt cost $150 CDN and that is a stupid price. Or maybe I’m just bitter because it has been so long since I have bought myself any nice clothes and my fashion style right now could only be described as post-partum.

As for avoidance of things I should have done this year – where do I start? I mean, what didn’t I avoid this year because for the most part I was a waddling mass of mind-fuzzing hormones. But look what I accomplished:

The giant baby of raspberry blowing cuteness now comes in a dancing bear format. (Click above link for video proof if you need it.) This makes all the other avoidances worth it. Ask me this question again next year and I’m sure I will feel more shame. I will say though that I wish I was able to have a completely handmade Christmas and hopefully next year I will be able to accomplish that and avoid the mall altogether.


So, are you ready for Christmas? For those of you with children, what are you getting them this year?

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