Reverb10: 11 Things

December 11 – 11 Things

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

I have to say my life is pretty damn charmed so there isn’t really anything deep I need to get rid of. No negative people clouding my space, medicine no evil relatives polluting my life, no bad bosses. Nothing. I think that makes me one of the lucky ones.

As far as stuff goes it feels like I could get rid of eleventy billion things right now. Or maybe just 11 things a day for all of 2011, which would turn out to be 4,015 things we don’t need in this house. I have a lot of clothes to go through once the baby weight is off (11 more pounds maybe?) and the basement is full of boxes that need to be sorted. However that sounds too much like an overwhelming challenge begging to be ignored after week two. So instead I’ll just slowly go through things (we started on the toys today since we know there will be a new avalanche of new ones once Christmas is over) and get rid of what we don’t need.

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