Remembrance Day & a little housekeeping

The shirt says: Support Our Troops with little frog diaper pins all over it - I'm not sure who came up with the odd design but she likes wearing it anyway.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada. If you are watching the ceremonies on CTV keep your eyes open for a tall, advice dark and handsome East Indian solider being interviewed in Afghanistan – he’s my brother-in-law. Hopefully it will be streaming live online so we can watch it too. He has less than a month before he comes home and we are all eager to have him back safe and sound.

When the girls are older we will start taking them to Remembrance Day events being held in our city – the Museum of the Regiments has a good one that the Mister & I have been to before. I wonder if we will see more younger vets now that so many of our soliders have been serving in Afghanistan and so many families are being affected by it. And yes, viagra it is a war. I like what my sister said about that: “I’m calling it for what it is, even if some people prefer the term peacekeeping. When bullets are flying there is no peace, for the solider or their families.”

Thankfully the Mister has the day off tomorrow. If any day deserves to be an observable holiday it is Remembrance Day – but it isn’t always (a holiday), it seems like the rules are always changing.

What, if anything, do you do for Remembrance Day?


  • My hope to start posting more was thwarted by a nasty stomach flu hitting the family. Fionnuala was the only one who escaped it. We are all feeling better now but still kind of worn out. I think half the city has had this flu.
  • The Mister has a Flickr account now – so if you want to see even more photos of the girls (Hi Mum, Sis!), and the occasional photo of me, you can check it out. His are much more honest than mine because he takes them with his phone and posts them right away. I pretty much run all mine through photoshop before I post them.
  • If you have a minute to spare please do my friend Melinda a favour and leave a comment on this blog post so she can win a free print of the photos that were taken of her and her family. She needs 25 comments to get a free print. Melinda is originally from my home town and wrote a hilariously named play: Jew, The Musical for the fringe circuit. She now lives in a wonderfully fashionable part of Paris and life, is indeed, hard for her – as you will be able to see in the photos of her and her son skipping through Montmartre in their own version of Amelie meets the Moulin Rouge (now with children!).

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