Reindeer Hoodie

Things have been busy lately. Well, try I’ve been under the weather and Moira has been busy. I’m supposed to be at a dinner right now celebrating a friend’s upcoming wedding (Sunday, page out of town, Moira is coming, am I crazy?) but the tonsils of doom started swelling up again last night and even though I have been gargling with salt water all day I don’t trust myself to not make it worse by talking all night in a loud restaurant. Also, who wants to be the person who gets the bride sick before her wedding? I thought it best that I stay home.

I have been using what free time I have to work on my other website since CBC caught wind of my Book Challenge and has been linking to me. In fact, they are going to be featuring my site in an upcoming blog entry of their own which is, to put it mildly, really freakin’ cool. For you American readers the CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – kind of like our version of NPR except they are also a TV network. This means the apartment and the Mister are being sorely neglected. The Mister is being very supportive of this venture and as long as I don’t forget to eat too often and don’t stay up too late he doesn’t care that the rest is falling by the wayside. We haven’t even gotten our Christmas tree yet but that has to do with the weather more than anything. The Christmas baking hasn’t been done either. Let’s not talk about the Christmas cards.

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