This isn’t a real post – because a real post would probably talk about something interesting which I’m too tired to do right now (or was too tired to do last night when I started writing this but never got the chance to finish).

This is a plea for recommendations about movies, order audiobooks and podcasts that I can listen to while breastfeeding because that seems to be what I do 90% of the time right now. I just finished listening to The Stone Carvers on a CBC podcast which, hospital while brilliant, buy information pills was probably a poor choice since it was so sad and I am all hormonal right now and have Thrush and didn’t need to listen to something to make me cry.

I don’t watch a lot of “chick flicks” so I don’t really know what is out there that is worth watching or at least that might not be too insidious. I guess I am looking for something light enough that I don’t mind stopping and starting it a dozen times and not so sad that I am dropping tears on my daughters head and feeding my sadness into her. Other than podcasts I have never listened to an audiobook before and am also looking for something light and fun as long as it doesn’t involve a Shopoholic or any sort.

So, send me your suggestions!

And if you haven’t read The Stone Carvers by Jane Urquhart you really should. Not that I have read it, but now that I have listened to the podcast version I want to read the entire novel so I can further engulf myself in itís narrative and learn more about the characters.

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