Recent search terms ~ vol. 1

My friend Jen asked me during Interview Week what the weirdest search terms for my site were – and I couldn’t answer because at the time my site wasn’t searchable. However, visit soon after I changed that just so I could find out what would bring people here. For the most part it is people wanting to make their own yogurt (and if you are here for that read the comments too because there is lots of great advice) and people who want to (or have a fetish about?) wearing dresses everyday. Unfortunately I’m still not doing that but I’m working on it.

There have been some interesting ones lately so I thought I would help those in need out:

1) Ireland pig race: I don’t know if this is a typical sporting event in Ireland – we certainly didn’t see it when we were there (although it did bring the searcher here – we create our own fun). The most recent searchers were from Ireland and China and I have some advice for them: come to the Calgary Stampede – it has Celebrity Pig Racing and the next one starts on July 9th, 2010 so you have a whole year to plan your vacation.

2) meli the canadian natural woman: well thank you for stopping by this blog but even though I rarely wear makeup I still colour my hair and buy food at the grocery store so I’m not the one you are looking for. Also, Canadian should always be capitalized and you should know that even if you are from New Jersey.

3) Someone searching for the meaning of the name Caydin and someone searching for Kaydin: This brought them to this post. Seriously, do your son or daughter a favour and pick something a little less popular right now.

4) fun hangover: buddy, you are only fooling yourself – there is nothing fun about having a hangover. I guess what you have to ask yourself is if the fun you are going to have is worth the ensuing hangover. If, for some reason you are like me, you get the symptoms of a hangover from having too much fun, well I apologize because it sucks but at least it isn’t as bad as the real thing where you are caressing the cool tiles of the bathroom floor in the hopes that the room will stop spinning.

5) largest bigfoot footprint. Probably has something to do with my rather large feet or people are now searching for Bigfoot online. For the latter I would start with Twitter – there are a couple Bigfoots on there. (Maybe they are related? Who knew they could be so technologically savvy?) For the former, go away – I don’t need any weird foot fetishists around here.

And last but not least:

2) enjoyable self suck: *blink blink* I don’t even want to know. Will say this though: IP address is from California.

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