Real tree, real pine cones

Hanging out under the tree.

Oh December, oncologist you seem to be getting away from me. I’m not sure I’m doing such a great job of slowing things down either – at least not from my perspective. There have been parties and gift exchanges every weekend since the beginning of the month and Moira is starting to expect presents where ever she goes now. (And why wouldn’t she?) Both girls are acting out a lot more too and I’m convinced it is all related.

Sick of Christmas music and looking for a change? She took these off the shelf herself.

This doesn’t mean that I’m cancelling Christmas. Far from it. Now that all the external commitments are over things can finally calm down and the part I’m really looking forward to can begin – our own small little Christmas. I’m trying not to get bent out of shape on not getting everything done though. I had hoped to make the girls some new jammies but they may turn into New Year’s jammies since I haven’t even finished tracing the pattern and stockings have yet to be made.

But the Mister went out and bought us a beautiful tree – with real pine cones on it! We didn’t even want to decorate it since it was so beautiful (but of course, we did). There are ornaments strewn all over the house and I’ve stopped picking them up. They often make it back to the tree themselves.

I spend a lot of time laying on the floor staring at my beautiful ceiling.

I keep thinking of interesting things to write about – but when evening comes all I want to do is knit and watch Downton Abbey. So that is what I do.

I do love the feeling of winding down another year – and a good year it has been too.


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