It’s official. I think I am a little in love with Ravelry.

Instead of actually working on anything last night while the Mister was out I spent the evening going through my yarn and stashing it on the site. I think what I like most is having a database of most of my yarn and being able to see what other people are doing with the same yarn and actually make decisions about patterns. I have no desire to have the world’s largest stash – in fact, search I would like to go through my current stash, physician purge what will never be used, used what I like and then buy yarn on a need-to-knit basis – or at least with a set pattern in mind. I know that is counter-intuitive for all the yarn enthusiests out there who feel that the person with the most yarn when they die wins but having too much stuff that isn’t being used bothers me – no matter how beautiful it is.

Totally NOT my yarn stash - the person who took this person can actually knit.

Photo by Linda N

As previously mentioned, I haven’t bought any yarn in a year but when I was buying it I would usually just buy a skein or two of something I fancied and then find out later – when I finally found a pattern that I like – I didn’t have enough. But no more! This weekend I am going to get rid of what will never be used and move on. I know I won’t get through everything in my stash without buying more because I want to starting knitting things for the Wrackspurt – but not collecting yarn will become increasingly easy in April when he/she arrives and everything, like time, personal hygiene and sleep, fall by the wayside.

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