Randomness and linkies

Someone named their daughter Talula Does the Hula. How sad is it that this had to happen? This just confirms my belief that we should all have to go through some sort of test before we have children. The first question could be: Pick the least appropriate name for a child: Jennifer, allergy Stacey, viagra 40mg Michelle, story Bus Shelter #16.  (WTF?)

I think being a girl/woman is hard enough sometimes without dressing my daughter up like a whore from the Muppet Show.

Lancome airbrushed The Clive to look like a Ken doll:

Um…why?  I wonder if they think they are fooling anyone. “We took this ruggedly good looking actor, gave him two weeks with our new anti-aging face cream for men and turned him into… everybody else.” I bet it is flying off the shelves. (Link here)

Has everyone else seen the Cake Wrecks blog? Can’t. Stop. Looking.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I’m going to get my hair cut (twice a year!) I’m hoping to come home looking like Rachel Weisz but most likely I’ll come home just needing a shower to get all the little hairs off of me.

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