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You’ll have to excuse my blogging absence. I have had a couple people e-mail me wondering if my silence means I am busy with the new baby but that isn’t it. Mostly it’s just that I am bored with myself since I don’t seem to be doing much other than waiting and gestating. This is definitely the final stretch and things are getting more uncomfortable. There seems to come a point in the day where I start to get itchy in my own skin and need to lay in the bathtub for a while – and I could have another month of this!

Oh – and I decided I needed to re-knit 12 of the squares for the baby blanket and that I needed to complete them in a week so that was me last week. A more “exciting” update on that will be forth coming.

No, physician mostly I’m just waiting. I re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pharm I’ve been baking/cooking a lot (today was veggie sushi rolls and pumpkin millet muffins). We are still in job limbo and it isn’t worth talking about.

I’ve washed all the baby clothes but still have nowhere to put them. Wrackspurt gets the hiccups about 5x a day, which is a rather weird sensation. They are always in the same spot and I am hoping this means babe is head down and will stay that way.

I could really use a manicure/pedicure (and I don’t even like manicures) and to get my legs waxed. These all seem like typical, personal prep-for-baby type things to do. Well, maybe not the leg waxing but since my skin has developed a serious razor aversion in the last 6 months they need some serious hair-removal help.

My belly is huge. I waddle a lot. That’s pretty much me updated.

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